Reception Staff

Leigh Clements

Leigh has been at employed at Pinson Animal Hospital since 2008 doing reception work and book keeping. Leigh has two daughters, 2 grandchildren, and has 1 dog..

Madison Veitch

Madison began volunteering with us in January 2017. She finished her vet assistant courses in the spring while here. She now works at the front desk as a our full time receptionist and serves as our front desk manager. Madison is one of eight children and enjoys playing with her 4 dogs and cat.

Brittany Wayman

Brittany began working for us in April as a receptionist. She may look familiar because her twin also worked for us! She came to Pinson Animal Hospital after being a stay at home mom. Brittany is married and has a son, a dog, and a cat!

Lynsey Allen

Lynsey is currently one of our morning receptionist. She helps get us up and going every morning and is normally wearing a smile She became part of our staff in 2017. Lynsey loves all kinds of animals. She has 2 Labradors, chickens, and would really like a pig!

Lauren Taylor

Lauren has been with us since 2006. She began as a volunteer and was later offered a position. She is currently working a few days a week doing reception work. She is married, has a daughter, and has 3 crazy fun dogs!